Never Buy Refills Again With This Swiffer WetJet Hack

2022-07-06 23:11:55 By : Ms. Candice Ma

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If you have a house full of hardwood or laminate flooring, as I do, you know what a big job mopping can be. Old-school brooms and mops don’t quite cut it, but Swiffer Sweepers and WetJets make the job easier. However, the WetJet, in particular, has one annoying design flaw—you can’t open the cleaning solution bottle to add more.

Okay, more likely it was made that way to ensure you keep buying the expensive refills for the spray mop. It’s frustrating but understandable. And, don’t get us wrong—we love our WetJet mops just as much as the next person. They’re convenient, can get into tough-to-reach areas, and are efficient at cleaning our floors.

But the price of those refills can start to add up. Don’t fret, though. If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve discovered a new hack that allows you to remove the lid to the refill bottle so you can add whatever cleaning solution you like. 

The hack is to essentially remove the lid from the refill container. There’s a trick to removing it, though. You’ll need a mug of hot water.

Simply put the refill bottle lid-side down into the mug, let it sit for about one minute, take it out, and the lid will now easily unscrew.

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Another hack shows people using a wrench to remove the top from the container. Whichever way you decide to take the top off doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the fact that you get the lid off and can now add whatever cleaner to the refill bottle that you prefer.

Save even more money by buying a concentrated cleaner. Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner is an all-natural, concentrated cleaner that is rated A by the Environmental Working Group. It works well on a variety of floors, including hardwood, tile, concrete, linoleum, bamboo, vinyl, and laminate. It’s also pet-friendly.

Another tip is to buy a reusable mop pad. These washable pads are an eco-friendly answer to disposable pads. Just toss them in the washing machine after mopping and use again. You could even use a washcloth or old dish towel instead of the mop pads if you’re strapped for cash.

The washable pads, concentrated cleaner, and WetJet hack should be all you need to keep costs down while still having the convenience of the WetJet.